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How to Create a Search Friendly Listing: Tips

1. Choose CATEGORIES that overall best describe your business function (more on this under Tags). Click on + Categories to add more to your listing as allowed.

2. Enter all links with HTTP:// – not HTTPS. If you include links in your listing, they must be set to open a new page.

3. Title = Name of Business, not your professional title.

4. Search Description: One sentence that describes your services ie: Print and Integrated Project Management. This is visible under your company name in search results so its important to be present and provide this information so people know what you do and click into your full listing.

5. Main Description:  A brief overview or your services and capabilities. You may put contact info here if you choose, however no need to put a website url since there is a link to your site already on your listing page if you filled in #2.

6. TAGS!!!!  This is THE MOST IMPORTANT section of your listing for optimizing search results. Tags will allow searchers to find you by keywords for all of your capabilities. You can add numerous relevant tags but they MUST be separated by a comma or they will not be searchable. Make sure you add your CITY & STATE/PROVENCE etc as a keyword. Country is added automatically.

7. Make sure your company logo is readable.

8. After you submit your listing it goes into a queue for approval.  We are notified submissions are pending and will approve as soon as we see them.  You can update your listing whenever you want, change images, add promotions or special offers into your Description and so on, but those changes and your listing will not be visible until your submission is re-approved through the same process.

9. To edit your listing go to “My Account” and the “My Directory Listings” and click edit.  Once it has been edited and submitted for approval it will NOT be visible under “My Directory Listings” or on the Directory until its re-approved. We will do our best to keep up with all of you and approve them as soon as we see them.

10. If you have any issues, questions, or have additional tips to add to this list please email us at

Thanks for joining our growing Global family and we wish you all success with your endeavors! Print Long, and Prosper!

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