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The mobile telephone is a very interesting platform for many technological functions, and thereby an effective tool for marketing, communication and sales. It sheds completely new light on the marketing and branding of a product or a company, as you can strike the target group with immediate effect. Announcements, special offers, donations, videos etc. can be tailored and designed as applications, ads, news items, webshops etc. This engages and involves the target group in the here and now – on the go. It enables an immediate dialogue with the target group, thereby establishing a more targeted and interactive form of market communication.

Mobile marketing is therefore an ideal tool for lead generation, and quickly opens up for fast access to a particular product or service from an advertiser while intensifying web traffic.

Campaigns can be precisely measured, giving advertisers a clear picture of the effect. Mobile marketing campaigns are a strong and attractively priced alternative to more conventional ways of reaching individual users.

Mobile marketing can be regarded as a new window on the world. The target group has already expressed an interest in the individual campaign, company, brand or service, as mobile marketing requires permission.

Mobile marketing is a brand new and direct marketing and communication channel that strikes home at the target group on the go.

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